Thursday, 19 April 2012

good & bad news..

well ill start with the bad news.. i've been getting a lot of pain in one of my heels and didnt know why, then last night after the gym it was really hurting again so my other half had a look and it was quite swollen :/ i got into the docs today and turns out i have damaged tissue in the heel of my foot and apparently it can take several months to heal (or heel ahahaha..!) so i have to rest up (no complaints here!) and get some supportive shoes.. do they make nice supportive shoes?! i love all my shoes but none of them have the supportive arch on the middle, they're just dead flat! :/ anyway, fingers crossed it starts healing soon cause its a right pain - literally!
my good news is that the lovely Kaylie (pinkporcelain) turned my frown upside down when she awarded me with versatile blogger! :O dead chuffed, big smiles!! totally would never have expected such positive things from everybody here so quickly so thankyou to Kaylie and thankyou to everybody else who has been so lovely, it really is so appreciated! xxx

These are the rules for the versatile blogger award:
1: nominate 15 fellow bloggers who are relatively new to blogging.*
2: let them know that you have nominated them.
3: share 7 random facts about yourself.
4: thank the bloggers that have nominated you.
5: add the versatile blogger award picture to your blog post.

*it says nominate 15 new bloggers but i havent been here long enough/dont even think i follow that many so will just post my favourite 5 so far that i've really enjoyed following :)

7 random facts about me:
1: i often have really strange dreams.. ill have to post about my next one!
2: i would be completely lost without my phone.. geeek!
3: im engaged to a wonderful man, we've been together 4 years this year, he really is one of the rare good ones.. im smitten and he's deffo a keeper :)
4: if i could live anywhere i would live in Wales! i absolutely love it there. the accent, the friendly people, the beautiful scenery.. love it!
5: i eat things in order.. starting with the thing i like least so that the best bit is last and is the taste i have in my mouth after :)
6: i dont smoke (gave up 3 years ago, go me!) and i hate being drunk now (done all that when i was 17-21) but i do enjoy 1 or 2 once in a while with a meal or evening out (bacardi n coke, yum!)
7: my biggest hate is ignorance and close second is noisy eaters.. close your damn mouth! (please)

my top 5 fave bloggers that have kept me coming back (in no particular order):

thankyou again Kaylie and everyone else thats given me such a warm welcome :) xxx


  1. Hey thanks for nominating me, that's so kind of you :)
    You've got a lovely setup here in glad you like my blog. I have subscibed. As a new blogger I would advise you to get a twitter account for your blog. It's a great way to get noticed. Add me at: @Aspirationsofgl and I'll be sure to give you a warm introduction!
    Keep it up

  2. you're welcome :) am now following you in twitter xx

  3. I'm sorry that your heel is sore! I heard that hip hop dance shoes are very comfortable and helps with foot pain. I know it sounds funny but they are very cool and comfy. I hope you feel better!