Wednesday, 11 April 2012

my phone case

so im going to have to talk to myself for a little while until i get some followers.. these things just take time i guess. i feel like a bit of a wally sharing pictures and talking about them to myself but when i wake up one morning with lots of followers (lol..) nah, it will all be worth it once i get going :)
if anybody is reading this, please follow and communicate with me lol :D ooh i feel like will smith in i am legend.. except im not a man, i dont have a dog and im far from the only one here! so not like it at all then really :/ anyway!!

this is my phone case for my htc wildfire s <3 i LOVE it.
i have done more cases, they can be found on my facebook (decodiamante) - other than mine ive only done iphone cases but i can do cases for most phones :)
i dont follow or copy designs, i literally buy any cute flat back diamantes, gems, cabochons etc that i love the look of and just go for it!
hope you like! x


  1. Wa! Where did you buy your decoden phone case? I need one except I have a Blackberry... I wonder if they make Blackberry cases!

  2. hiya, i made it myself :)
    i can make them for almost any phone - please check out my facebook page (search: deco diamante) and contact me through there if you'd like me to make you one too! i love doing it and would be more than happy to discuss it further :)

  3. Absolutely love it! We have the same phone too~ Where do you buy your large deco parts from? I especially love the glittery heart!

  4. i get all my bits off ebay :/ its pricey but i find etsy even more expensive. wish i could find somewhere a lot cheaper but so far no luck!

  5. I heard of this store called Delish Beads that sell lots of deco den parts. I thought they were quite pricey though but they have very cute things. Also, I found this kawaii online store that sells lots of kawaii things and deco den pieces at a cheap price. They also sell soft sticks. Its called Yukiumi but most of it is in Japanese..... I've been wanting to buy some deco den pieces for a while now but i'm waiting for my next pay check... ~_^ Hope this helped!