Thursday, 26 April 2012

rain rain go away!

there's only one good thing about rain... rainbows!! agreed?!
i took this pic on the way to my parents yesterday evening on instagram.
dont worry i wasnt driving, my other half was! :)

So, i just cant stop listening to Nicki Minaj - Marilyn Monroe.. its such a lovely song. you probably wouldnt guess it was nicki minaj if you didnt know, its so different from her other stuff. with lyrics like "if you cant handle my worst, you aint gettin my best" and "truth is we mess up til we get it right" and "take me or leave me ill never be perfect believe me im worth it" how can you not like it?!

nicki minaj. big love. end of story.

Anyway, as you can see, im not giving up with blogger! 

Oh i've also been making a website so its easier for people to buy my cases. super duper excited!
its not finished just yet but once im finished and happy with it i will deffo link it.
I do wanna make this a bit more fancy with some good ol' HTML at some point but it will be ok as it is for the time being.. Ive been playing about with the website a couple of days now, its nothing fancy, its just a free one for now but if im honest, its pretty alright and im rather impressed with myself!

OOH! who fancies a giggle?!
nicki minaj on the graham norton show, couldnt stop laughing!

I will be doing a list of my top fave apps tomorrow. yeeeeeah! xxx

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  1. Nicki Manaj Rocks!
    I tagged you in the "11 questions" tag in my blog btw!!!:)