Monday, 9 April 2012

Here goes..!!

so i had a look about this blogger thing.. i think im gonna like it here!
whilst doing this i decided that unless i actually put something on my page i dont stand a chance!
ive made this mainly to show off the phone cases ive started making - in the hope that people will love them as much as i do and buy them ;) but knowing me, ill do reviews on things and keep anyone that follows me updated with stuff too!
at the moment i have decided against putting a picture of myself on here or on my decodiamate facebook (add me!) not because i look like a hideous monster but because i know people can be very judgemental and im not here to be judged on my appearance :) that's not to say ill never do it.. so who knows! - while we're on the subject, im well aware my writing is all in lower case and that ive missed punctuation out - i am actually pretty good at all that but i just prefer it this way.
i'd like to think im pretty friendly.. i can be shy but it usually doesnt last long! :D i can be quite opinionated which i know some people dont like but that is me - im not nasty and i wont deliberately say or do something to hurt people i just have strong views on things - in a non religious way - im not religious..
i started making phone cases look pretty a month or so ago.. i walked out of my job last year due to problems at work making me unhappy there and didnt expect it to be so hard to find another job.. i have a good cv but there is just nothing out there.. anyway after covering many of my own things in diamantes and pretty cabochons (a mixture of boredom from being a bum and just wanting everything to look pretty!!) i come across a phone case like it on google images.. i loved it straight away and really wanted to give it a go myself to make some pennies.... and here i am! :)
so if you're still reading, follow meee! i have a good sense of humour, i can ramble on (not that you'd have noticed if i didnt say...!!!) but i mean well and love making new friends, discovering new things and i can assure you i will post regularly. take care :) x


  1. Hello welcome to the blogging community :p, nice intro you seem like a lovely girl, sorry to hear bout your work problems I can totally relate to that, xx

    1. hiyaa :) arr bless ya thank you :)
      gosh i know it sucks, right?! every cloud has a silver lining though :) xx