Monday, 23 April 2012

fave songs atm

I have decided on something im going to do regularly, while i like my hair and make up, i dont like it enough that i'd buy it enough to keep people amused BUT i do love my music. i cant go a day without listening to music i really do love it and im pretty shit hot when it comes to being quizzed on it lol :)
Im very open minded about music, i love all sorts. mostly 80s cheese, chart, r&b and pop..
every now and then ive decided to share with you all my fave songs at that moment in time.. there will prob be more this time as its the first one.
I think if i had to choose my 2 fave songs ever it would have to be B52s - Love Shack and Shakespears Sisters - Stay With Me.

My fave songs at the moment are (in no particular order):
(i wont put the video on as it makes it slow, just link them from youtube)

Azealia Banks - 212 - prob my top fave, proper love it (me and my cousin had a little drink sat night and i couldnt help copy her funny moves when she's following the bloke.. had us in fits!)

Nicki Minaj - Starships - to be fair, i love every single song she does, anyone that knows me knows im a massive minaj fan. shes different, if a little strange.. and i love her different voices and how she mixes it up. and shes so pretty. i urge everybody to get her new album if you like this song cause the 2nd half is all dancey/sing along like this. i bought it when it come out and its still playing in the car and on my speakers when im home. big love.

Sean Paul - She Doesn't Mind - i cant describe why but i just love it! and sean paul is pwoar!

Fun - We Are Young - i dont always like stuff like this but its really catchy and i cant help but like it and sing along.. badly! lol :)

Tulisa - Young - i wasnt sure about this song at first but now ive heard it through some decent speakers i really like it! its a pretty feel good, summer song. i really like tulisa, hope the solo stuff she does is as good as this.

Carly Rae Jepson - Call Me Maybe - a good catchy, sing along pop song. whats not to like!

Conor Maynard - Cant Say No - i really didnt like this at first but it got stuck in my head and i done a complete u-turn and now really like it. i saw him on a music channel singing live and he's actually really good, its always nice when they can actually sing.

What do you think of these songs, good or bad? What are your fave songs right now? xxx

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