Tuesday, 17 April 2012

phone cases

me again! :D aha..
the time has come (spare time that is!) for me to actually get my backside into gear and put some pics on here of the cases i've been doing!
i sit here sometimes and think ooh i should put this on my blogger.. and this, and this... and then i just forget. maybe i should write it down cause there is lots i want to put on here but i seem to be getting a bit forgetful in my old age... okay so im not old (24 this year) and i dont even act old but it could have been a good excuse had i of been...! plus had i not have said my age, for all you know i could have been retired and sitting here in my little bungalow with my long flowery skirt, blouse and cream knit jumper with an equally old cat at my feet.... gosh what a "cool" oap id have been, right?! anyway!

these are completed ones i've done so far:

so what do you think?
the more basic ones are the ones i done first to get a feel for it.. i really enjoy doing it, its time consuming but hopefully it will all be worth it once i start selling more.. i had my first proper order today too, chuffed much!
my only trouble is so far that i cant seem to find anywhere cheap to buy all the bits i need! im using ebay at the moment but it can work out quite pricey and obviously i cant charge too much for doing them cause people wont buy them..
i did have a look on etsy but the prices on there are a lot higher which is a shame cause there are some really nice pieces on there.. but there is no point in doing it if im not making any money from it cause thats the whole point of it..
ive searched on google but dont seem to be able to find anything.. there are of course many websites (and ebay) where i could order from japan, china, america etc but they take so long to get here and 1: im terribly impatient and 2: it would mean people would have to wait like a month or more to get their order which is not an option..
if anybody knows any cheaper places to get things pleeeease let me know! i will send a big virtual hug and love you -in a friendly way- forever! (although realistically i probably wouldnt even remember when im 60 odd but i mean well when i say it :]) xxx


  1. Depending on where you are from, I have a few places you can get your rhinestones for cheap :) where are you based?

  2. Ok, I don't know if you have them down south but look for a discount bookstore called "The Works" they do huge packs of diamantes and rhinestones for 99p. You'll also find some useful stuff in poundland too, but the stock changes in there so much you'd have to check regularly. Also try etsy if you haven't already, www.etsy.com search in the dropdown bow for "cabochons" in supplies, you'll find lots of cute stuff in bulk lots of anything between 10 and 200 pieces for less than £15 plus p+p :) that's how I find all my deco den materials. I hope this helps.

    1. we have the works and poundland in our town so will deffo be taking a look! thankyou so much :) x

    2. Glad to help
      :) I hope you find what you need!

  3. hiya hun i've given you the versatile blogger award go have a look :)