Tuesday, 17 April 2012

general update

im still here! ive had a busy few days :) - me and my fiance went down to london for a few days away, it was lovely to get away from everything for a few days and have some quality time together.
we went down on the thursday and had a chilled afternoon and a lovely meal out in the evening.
friday we went into central london.. we got chinese chicken and noodles in camden (the chinese ones taste way better than the thai ones), shopped on oxford street and done so much walking about, i was limping cause my feet were killing me at the end of the day!
saturday we went to lakeside (am i the only one who thinks its not all that?), ikea (big love!) and the retail park.

ive been having a nosey about on this blogger thing again. i love all the blogs people do on hair & beauty products and clothes and everything inbetween. i'd loove to do the same, some of the things they test and talk about look brilliant and i want like all of it! but i cant afford to buy all these lovely things on a regular basis atm :( maybe one day - hey if my phone cases take off and i sell more maybe i can afford to buy more nice things, then i can share my opinions too! saying that, theres nothing stopping me from sharing my opinions on other stuff for the time being.
ooh you know what i would really love to do, review things! ive seen many blogs now where people are sent freebies from all different companys so they can review it and spread the word.

if anyone is looking for someone to review anything pick me, pick me!!

OR if anyone fancies reviewing one of my phone cases please get in touch :)

i should probably upload some pics on here of the cases i've done so far.. yes i will do that later.

whats everyone else been upto then? xxx


  1. I would love to see some picys of the cases you have done, i have baught so many off ebay and after a week or so all the gems fall off :( which is not good i think they are just mass produced somwhere lol


  2. hiya :) oh no thats not good! i done one for myself first to make sure it held and its been on a month now and only had one fall off but thats cause cause i dropped it on a hard floor from standing up.. oops!
    if you search "deco diamante" on fb im on there with some pics of ones ive done so far but im mostly asked to do custom ones and willing to do anything as long as i can get hold of it :) xxx

    1. yeah ive ust had a look there realy nice
      do you have a twitter acc if not you should realy get 1 and start telling people you should get tones of sales



    2. thanku :)
      yeah have a twitter too :) - decodiamante
      am hoping it takes off now im doing more to get my name about, fingers crossed! xxx

  3. I will definitely buy one of your cases the moment I get my my pay check in my hand! ;3 Don't worry! What awesome days that have came your way! I love Chinese Chicken! Yumm....

  4. aw yay :D

    ooh it was lovely! if you're ever in london i deffo recommend :) xxx

  5. Lovely blog! I'm trying to find lovely things to review at the moment on my blog Beauty and Rags. If you're interested I would love to review yours! You can contact me on:


    Emma x